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At StreamTuber.COM, we believe high-quality live streaming should be easy. We’re constantly working to provide simpler ways to increase the production quality of your broadcasts. Our Graphic Overlays feature, which gives you the ability to not only up your production value, but also enhance your viewer experience.

For starters, you can add lower thirds logos to the corner of your broadcast to display the name of a speaker and let your audience know who’s talking. You can also use overlays to recognize sponsors, promote upcoming activities, or ads.

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Adding Graphic Overlays Is Easy

Modify overlays using free online software like and upload to your StreamYard Studio, then use overlays in your live broadcast. With our overlays, you take your live broadcast to the next level.

Lower Thirds

Lower thirds are a great way to introduce speakers, hosts, or guests for your broadcasts. They can be as basic as a name and title, or include more complex visuals with promotions.

Full-Screen Graphic

You can use background graphics for a variety of purposes. Before your stream begins, you can overlay a pre-roll graphic to give your viewers the impression that the stream will begin momentarily. If there are any intermissions or pauses during your broadcasts, you can use full-screen images to fill the breaks. Once your event is over, you can use a full-screen image to indicate the end of your stream.

Announcements + Sponsorships

You can also use multiple overlays during breaks in your broadcasts to recognize your sponsors and update viewers on other events happening in your community.

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